Hangzhou Medical Intelligent Express Co.,Ltd is a platfo is a platform service provider which focus on medical and biological medicine industry supply chain optimization and service integration. Medical Intelligent Express is located in Joinstar Biomedical Valley (Hangzhou) in Yuhang Economic and Technology Development Zone, which Is the only biological high-tech zone in Zhejiang province, with 6000 square meters room temperature storage room with GSP standard and 5000 cubic meters cold room. We adhere to the business philosophy of "user as the center, target oriented", and are committed to provide integrated supply chain solutions for the field of medical apparatus instruments, life science and biological medicine

With more overseas collaborations in biological medicine industry, with unmet need of logistics process for biological medicine special goods Entry-Exit under existing mode , we put forward the idea of the Green Channel for setup integration industry. In 2016, We passed Customs inspection and received ‘the Public Bonded Warehouse Registration Certificate’, and passed inspection by Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and established ‘ Zhejiang Public Service Platform for Biological Medicine Special Goods Entry-Exit ’ in 2017. Under this model, it will greatly enhance efficiency of all kinds of examination and approval, improve efficiency of the inspection and Customs clearance, save the cost of products importation.

Through the model of process optimization and service improvement for medical supply chain, Medical Intelligent Express assists numerous biomedical research teams, product supply end and market circulation end to optimize the process, reduce the operation cost and improve the comprehensive competitiveness.

Main service platforms

Biomedical Cross-Border Services

Zhejiang Cross-Border Services center for Biomedical products undertakes three functions , centralized supervision and inspection for special goods, Customs shared bonded warehouse, and service for industry, including acting import and export licensing examination and approval, foreign trade clearance, cold chain storage and transportation, bonded logistics, and supply chain finance etc. Under the condition of controllable risks, We innovate and provide services for biomedical and medical industries,being the only public service platform in China that integrates entry-exit inspection and quarantine, Customs shared bonded warehouse and cold chain supply chain.

Industrial Chain Storage & Transportation

Medical Intelligent Express devoted ourselves to professional cold chain logistics ,centralized storage for medical equipment, life science, biological medicine, warehouse was built as per GSP standard with 6000 square meters of storage and 5000 cubic meters of Cold Room, which shall meet needs of storage, professional cold chain transportation for medical equipment manufactures and distributors. Professional logistics system covers the main medical institutions within Zhejiang province, realize close connection among the entrusted enterprise, Medical Intelligent Express and end users. Through centralized third-party storage and transportation; Simplify supply chain storage, logistics and management costs, eliminate unnecessary waste and improve supply chain competitiveness.

Cold Chain Quality Control

With incubator, various temperature monitoring recorder, information system and other methods, effectively control cold chain, anti-loss, anti-replacement, traceability and other key requirement for vaccines, various biological specimens, blood samples and other important products during the delivery process

Setup cloud-based real-time monitoring service platform, independently develop warehouse, car, warehouse , freezer, vehicle mounted ,incubator temperature and humidity recorder based on GPRS wireless sensor network technology. Focus on every step during the circulation and storage of cold chain logistics with computer, APP , Weichat to real-time monitor temperature, humidity and geographic information, to know information real-time changes by software and hardware during the process of cold chain. As such, the overall solutions for medical cold chain logistics are really realized.


Joinstar Innovation Works is a professional technology incubator which focus on medical IVD products, Precision Medicine and biological information segment. Joinstar Innovation Works hold fast to the incubation concept of " R&D begins from a place nearby market, Distribution Model setup from a place nearby technology frontier ", relying on JOINSTAR advantage which is covering whole industrial chain in medical IVD field, so as to provide the most direct and effective guide and help for research team from the laboratory samples to products and then commercial products; Provide leading technology products and incubation investment projects for distributors teams who iterate or create new business models.

Joinstar Innovation Works has formed a complete industrial upstream and downstream incubation collaborative chain by integrating the supply and demand resources between different enterprises in the industrial chain, which helps enterprises which located at Innovation works to quickly get through medical field. It has formed the industrial ecological circle of " One Network,Two Platform; Three Centers". Joinstar Innovation Works was recognized as a "Provincial Incubator for Science and Technology business " in 2016. It was recognized as a Provincial "Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demo Park" In 2017. In addition, it was successively awarded as "Top 10 Scientific and Technological Innovation Parks in yuhang " in 2016, and "Best Incubation Park Award" which is 2017 first Industrial Development Role Model Award in Yuhang Economic and Technology Development Zone, and 2018" Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Role Model Award " in Yuhang Economic and Technology Development Zone. A number of incubation projects were awarded as the national level innovation industry awards.

Main fields

Technology Incubation

Joinstar Innovation Works has has formed a research team of key core technologies, which is a leading team and holds our own IPs for biology materials development and nano-microparticles preparation with several years of industrial incubation, such as Joinstar Institutes for Liquid Phase Chips, Kunteng Nano , Hangzhou Biogenome Biotech. Formed reagent and equipment industrial chain for POCT, molecular diagnosis and clinical chemistry & Immunoassay represented by Xianyi Technology and Desinpro; Intelligent medical projects, such as gene diagnosis, artificial intelligence and biological information analysis represented by Canhelp Genomics and Joingenome; Multi-level and comprehensive innovation technology reserve, such as digital instant testing project for primary medical care.

Platform Setup

Joinstar Innovation Works rely on JOINSTAR R&D center, gradually formed Boyin antibody development platform, Joinstar Institutes for Liquid Phase Chips, Joingenome bioinformatics analysis platform, Desinpro equipment research and development and manufacturing platform, and in the service of biological medicine industry, Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Exit & Entry centralized supervision platform for biological products , Customs bonded warehouse, and Medical Intelligent Express third-party storage platform for medical equipment. Joinstar Innovation Works is committed to becoming a leading incubator platform in the biomedical incubation field within the Yangtze river delta.


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